Check Point Technology


Module 1. Introduction to Check Point Technology Module 2.Installation of Gaia OS Module 3.Check Point Ecosystem Module 4.Important linux commands use for lab of CheckPoint Module 5.Overview of GAIA WebUI Module 6.Getting to know SmartConsole / SIC Module 7.Restarting SIC without CPstop/CPstart - Extra! Module 8.Policy configuration (Access Control) Firewall Module 9.Automatic NAT Module 10.Policy configuration (Access Control) APP control/URL filtering Module 11.UserCheck Policy configuration (Threat Prevention) Module 12.Hacking and Protecting by IPS Module 13.Enforced Suspicious Activity Rules Module 14.Logging and Reports Module 15.VPN IPSEC and SSL Module 16.ClusterXL High Availability Module 17.ClusterXL Load Sharing Module 18.Synchronization (CCP) Module 19.Deploy ClusterXL [LAB] Module 20.ClusterXL Routing [LAB] Eligibility Criteria : 1.Freshers or Experienced any one can join. 2.Candidates who want to change his/her career in Firewall Security Field can change it 3.You must ne Graduate from Reputed University(Regular/Distance) 4.Programming Language is not Required for this Diploma. 5.You must clear each exam to start with new modules. For More Admission process / Fees or for more Details you can Call or enquire us on our toll free no 18003132380