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Database PT

It is very important to note that most SQL Injection attack occurs because of two things, first input data is not correctly handled or sanitized and second is because of use of dynamic queries. We will cover all possible issues step by step, so keep reading. But before going through this, you must know how to find a website is vulnerable to SQL Injection attack. We have already written in details to find out SQL injection vulnerability :

Our Penetration testing of MySQL will cover below topics in detail :

1. Single Quotes Issue
2. Multiple queries separated by Semi-colon(;)
3. Fingerprinting MySQL database
4. Gathering MySQL Version
5. MySQL server users
6. Gathering Database Name
7. Information SCHEMA
8. Standard SQL Injection
9. Blind SQL Injection Penetration testing

Duration: 2 Days
Modules: 10 Modules
Training Cost: Rs.10000